Tatiana the Outspoken

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Tatiana the Outspoken, while princess of Avacal. Likely laughing her most tyrannical laugh. Photo credit: Meghan Blanchard

Tatiana the Outspoken resides in Cold Keep, in An Tir, where she is known to host the Cold Keep Company of Archers summer range. She is also known as Chinua Qorchin, but only by the heralds. She is a student to Maistreas Sadb ingen Thuathail.


Former principality chatelaine - Avacal
Seneschal - Cold Keep

Mongol studies, embroidery, textile arts, good wine

Often found in the company of:


File:7526 154603795956 518430956 3241272 7628158 n.jpg
Viscountess Tatiana takes on Viscountess Natal'ia at nine man's morris. Cold Keep Autumn Celebration, AS XLIV. Photo credit: Meghan Blanchard