Margaret of Newark Abbey

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Margaret of Newark Abbey
Resides: Montengarde
Date Started: 1987

1991 Award of Arms

1997 Jambe de Lion

1998 Goutte de Sang

1999 Laurel

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My first event was Borealis Yule, back in the late 1980s. I'd known about the Society almost from its beginning, but had only lived in one place that had a branch, and the people in it were, not to put too fine a point on it, odder than usual. I didn't go back after my first contact with them.

Fast forward a bunch of years, and here I was in Edmonton. I saw a poster about an SCA Yule Feast. On a bitterly cold Saturday morning, I reached the event site door just behind someone carrying two huge bags of groceries; opened the door for them; carried in one of the bags for them, and worked in the kitchen the rest of the day.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Clothing, textiles, knitting, and embellishment: she lives by the mantra never confuse construction with embellishment. Recently, she has become interested in Islamic geometry and how geometry contributes to setting up an illuminated page.


1996 Emerald Rose


Local Ithra Chancellor many years ago


There are three Margarets, all of whom live on the same land near the English town of Newark. All of them also like to make things. 13th century Margaret has recently discovered a passion for illumination.

Norse Margaret is married (maybe) to an Irishman named Brendan. He left to go traveling a long time ago and she's afraid something has happened to him. If he doesn't come back before she dies, she has willed her land to the Church to be used as an abbey.


13th century Margaret is a third order nun at Newark Abbey. A third order nun was a go between for the nuns. She does things like shopping in the village and accompanies the nuns on their trips. This is a very old photo of that Margaret.

16th century Margaret is a widow, living on abbey land given to her husband by Henry VIII. She's taken up with a Spaniard, Don Rodrigo, which puts her under suspicion, so she and Rodrigo have to behave themselves in public.