House Fine Lames

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House Fine Lames

Purpure, two rapiers crossed salter-wise over a Fleur-di-lis argent.

"L'élégance avant tout."

About House Fine Lames

House Fine Lames (pronounced 'Finn Lam' and translating to "fine blades,") was formed in the mid-1990s. The legendary origin of this household is that it was founded by a small group of late period French personas who banded together "so as not to be consumed by the hordes of vikings who surrounded them." They soon adopted a few more folks, who (while not French, nor as late period) had lovely singing voices and great garb.Over the years, we have added like-minded friends.

House Fine Lames has seen many iterations over the years and many greetings and partings. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and hospitable nature. We have many loosely-affiliated friends across the kingdom and some close family bonds. House Fine Lames is primarily centered in the barony of Montengarde, but has members and friends everywhere. We are famous (or infamous?) for our multiple garb changes, flashy outfits, dramatic deaths, and maximalist event packing style.

What makes someone a "Fine Lames"? The household consists of, and is open to, people who love some (or all) of the following: singing, fighting, dancing, researching, and costuming. Most of us have a late period persona, but this isn't strictly a requirement. We're a pretty low-key household - there's not a lot of advertising or requirements made of members. We're just people who share common interests, and therefore often camp together, eat together at feasts, and so on. We are radically queer-positive, inclusive, and anti-racist. Want to join us? Just ask!


1. Look good.
2. Don't die.
3. If you must break rule two, see rule one.

Entry Requirements

Hang around some Fine Lames long enough, and you'll probably be adopted (whether you like it or not!)

If you ask a member of Fine Lames if you can join, they may ask you: "Do you think you have enough garb?"

Gentle reader, take heed - there is a correct answer, and that answer is always, always "no!"

Active and Past Members

Thore de Bethune - House Founder
Bjar the Blue - House Godfather
Althea Tambourri
Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi
Allert Pierson
Celestino "Tino" van Brabant
Sorcha de Lenche
Arnaut de Najac
Hua Meilan
Jane de la Marche
Medb Polestripper
Cormac MacAenghusa
Gabrielle de Chambourg
Etienne de Rodolphe
Laurelyn of WestBromwich
Francis Coulter Hill
Adelheid Holtzhauer
Audette des Grenouilles
Rhoswen Mary MacLean
Philomena of Bence
Audrey Hampton


House Fine Lames was granted a Citation by Baron Beothuk and Baroness Wilma the Still on January 17, 2009 at Montengarde Twelfth Night